Robin in Hoylake

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Published In Southword Online

Blackrock Pool


Eddie Heron, 36 Years Diving Champion of Ireland,
often gave exhibitions at Blackrock Pool.

He would barely leave a ripple,
diving again and again
from clear sky to trapped sea,
applause ebbing and flowing
from crowded concrete seats.

Now only the sea plays here,
high-tide storms leaping the wall
bombing into the pool;
no attendant's whistle
can call the waves to order.

The board has gone,
the diver has gone;
and summer days no longer draw
the squealing and splashing children
to crowd Blackrock Pool.

sometimes a grey bird still squats
on top of the
concrete frame
staring down
into a pool
of the past
as if ready
to dive.




©2012 Robin Laffan