Robin in Hoylake

Published Poetry  

Published in Revival 4


When I hurt you
your tears fill my eyes
and guilt swamps me
washing my happiness away
to leave this empty husk.
Slowly I seek to catch
dribbles of your love
and kindnesses
within the empty vessel of my body.

My feet fill first
so that I no longer
want to run from you
to hide from your accusing eyes

My legs, filled again,
hold me steady beside you
The fire in my belly is quenched
then rekindled as need for you
and my chest fills to breathe you in
as my heart fills with you
so that my arms inflate with your love
to reach out for you
to pull you to me
and me to you.
My mouth now is filled
with a thirst for yours
and my head bursts
to feel you inside me
beside me
about me.


©2012 Robin Laffan