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Southword became online only in June 2009. It’s a shame really as it was a nice print journal.
They took “Blackrock Pool” for their first online issue.


It took a long time to get a reply from Agenda. But I did and it was a positive one. I am especially pleased as Agenda is clearly a quality magazine, though the web site is a little garish.
And they took two of them: “Siren and “Reminders”.
“Siren” and “Reminders” were published in the “Atlantic Crossings” issue.


I was confused when the acceptance for this arrived as it was written on a pre-printed rejection slip. Still, they did accept my poem “I Wonder Who These People Are”.


My poem 'Lamplight' was featured in Iota 80 issued in January 2008. If it receives very positive feedback in the e-mails that people send to Iota, then the poem may be included on their web site too. It did receive positive feedback, which was very nice, but not enough to be included on the web site.

This isn’t actually a magazine, nor indeed is it a poetry web site. This is my brother Andy’s sculpture web site.
He did this sculpture inspired by my poem “Shadows of Eagles”.


Anon is a print-based poetry magazine to which poems are submitted anonymously and assessed 'blind', using procedures similar to those used by poetry competitions.
My poems, appearing in Issue 5, were "Beautiful Again" and "Damp Soil"

Poets' Letter

Poets' Letter is a monthly web based publication.
My poems appearing in the edition of April 2007 were "Shadows of Eagles", "Hansel" and "Updraught" They are not easy to find though. Use Ctrl F and search for Robin.


Revival is a poetry magazine published in Limerick by Revival Press. The web site doesn't appear to have anything on it for the Revival magazine at present, but I assure you, it does exist.
My poem, which appeared in Issue 4, was "Refill".

Poetry Monthly

Poetry Monthly, or, is a longstanding publication both on the web and in print. From the web you can download a PDF copy for free.
My poem which was in Issue 139, October 2007, was "Oystercatcher".

Twa Dugs Sadly now demised, this Scottish magazine was my first success. In 2000, they accepted a poem called "Dance to the Ponderous Sound" from me to be included in their first issue. I don't know if there was a second issue. This link will display a pdf of the poem.




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