Robin in Hoylake

Extra Poetry  

Hello and welcome to my site.

It is always my intention, that what I write will be published. On paper. In a quality format, preferably my own collection, but in a reputable journal as well.

Of course, it doesn't always work out that well. For whatever reason, sometimes my poems are not published. Even so, I may consider them worthy where everyone else does not. And that is where this site comes in. Here, alongside many of my poems that have been published, you may find some that were passed over. You may consider this a safety net.

Here, you can also hear my poems, should you choose to. And why wouldn't you, eh?


I have recently, November 2011 to be precise, moved from Dublin, across the Irish sea, and onto the banks of the Dee estuary, to Hoylake on the Wirral peninsular. Thus the heading above, Robin in Hoylake, is not entirely accurate as almost (actually for the moment totally) all of the work on this site was written when I was in Dublin.

But I have hopes for the future that can not entirely be contained.



©2012 Robin Laffan